“Connectionless” refers to a unique capability of DASH7 to very quickly — in less than 2 seconds, usually — to connect with and identify another DASH7 device.   Comparable in response time to the instant-on radar used by police to detect speeding vehicles, DASH7 allows users to connect with or “lock on” to passing cars, bikes, buses, trains, or joggers bounding through your neighborhood.

How Connectionless Works

Session-based technologies like WiFi or Bluetooth were never designed to quickly connect with other devices, much less devices they have never “met” before.  DASH7 was architected with ad hoc networking as a principal use case, eliminating unneeded “round trips” between two devices that make “instant” connections practically impossible with other technologies.  DASH7’s built in query architecture means that the very first communication from a DASH7 device includes most or all of the relevant information required to enable a second device to respond with meaningful, actionable data.  No other wireless protocol is structured this way and it means DASH7 is uniquely applied to use cases for people and things that move, whereas competing technologies are limited to fixed, static networks of things and people that are standing still.


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