LoRaWAN vs. Haystack

LoRaWAN vs Haystack

Semtech’s LoRa technology is the most exciting radio technology in the IoT right now The cellular industry is making bold promises about LTE-for-the-IoT that almost certainly will fail to live up to their promises, but widespread availability of the allegedly “low cost” LTE chips with “multi-year battery life” for IoT is years away so for the moment, LoRa gets to soak up the

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The Indoor-Outdoor IoT

Indoor Outdoor Cow

Thoughts on an IoT blind spot
Two IoT Arenas

Companies competing to sell you their wireless IoT connectivity technology can be thought of as competing in one of two separate “arenas”: an indoor arena or an outdoor arena
The indoor arena is typically dominated by low power, local area networking (LPLAN) technologies focusing on home automation ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Control4 are well known examples Use

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Haystack & LPWAN Presentation


We created a new presentation that dives into the opportunity with Haystack and Low Power Wide Area Networks like LoRa About 70% geared towards business audiences, there is a “secret sauce” section in the middle that would appeal to the technical readers of this site

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San Francisco Sweep

The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series in an amazing four game sweep against the Detroit Tigers, who had just executed a similar sweep of the NY Yankees prior to meeting the Giants  The Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval took the MVP award – knocking three home runs in a single game put him into some very

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Haystack Training Update

Hi everyone and sorry for the light blog posts  JP and I are busy on a project and it’s one of those short deadlines tons to do efforts, all exciting but blogging unfortunately takes a back seat to everything else  One event that we are rescheduling as a result of this is our Haystack Training taking place in

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Haystack’s Product Roadmap

We received some questions regarding more detail on the Haystack product roadmap, so I created a brief overview presentation to satisfy some of the curiosity, but we are also scheduling a webinar for Oct 4th to present the roadmap in greater detail and also to answer any (live) questions during the webinar Here’s a link to our 2012 roadmap:

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Proprietary RF is History

If you go to semiconductor company websites (here is TI’s), often you can go to a “wireless” section, and they put a list of all the different chips they make for different types of wireless interfaces  The list contains a bunch of very specific options, and then there is always a section for “Proprietary RF”

All this really means is

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Welcome To The Haystack Beta

Welcome  We’re taking the wraps off the project JP Norair and I have been pursuing for more than a year, formerly called Blackbird Technology, and now re-named Haystack, or legally, Haystack Technologies, Inc  Haystack is still in beta, but we hope you’ll take a look at the effort and sign up  It’s the most comprehensive and complete DASH7 development

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MSP430 USB Library

You may know there are some MSP430F5 devices that have a USB device peripheral built-in to the MCU  This is kind of great, because the cost of an MSP430F55xxdevice and glue circuits is not much more than the cost of an FTDI FT232 or SiLabs CP210x bridge chip, so you could save a bunch of board space and money, or you could use the

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Using MAC extensions for OpenTag and DASH7

Recently, I have been asked about the potential for DASH7 (and OpenTag) to accept extensions in the MAC layer  These requests have come from multiple sources, who are interested in having special “in-network” behavior combined with generic, standards-based DASH7 behavior  The short answer is that DASH7 was designed from the beginning to compete with proprietary embedded RF, so it

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