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Is The IoT Just Too Expensive?

In a study sponsored by ARM and IBM that should come as a frigid splash of arctic seawater on the IoT hype curve, the price of IoT infrastructure, more than security concerns, is slowing IoT rollouts across the industry

Three takeaways:

The report doesn’t divulge details on the definition of “IoT infrastructure”, but this won’t come as good news to advocates of

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A Simple Proposal on Security

Something we occasionally talk about regarding Haystack and DASH7 is the strength of our security and privacy story, which at its foundation includes something called “listen-before-talk”, meaning endpoints using our technology remain quiet until they are interrogated by an authorized user or until an event occurs that sparks a message to the network Sounds like a “duh” feature that

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DASH7 vs. Bluetooth

JP Norair and I have the opportunity to meet lots of people interested in DASH7 and recently we were introduced to someone who tried, unsuccessfully, to deconstruct the facts around DASH7 and then argue that Bluetooth (the cable replacement technology some of us use for “hands free” mode in our cars or for some wireless headsets, mostly) could do

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