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Haystack Training Update

Hi everyone and sorry for the light blog posts  JP and I are busy on a project and it’s one of those short deadlines tons to do efforts, all exciting but blogging unfortunately takes a back seat to everything else  One event that we are rescheduling as a result of this is our Haystack Training taking place in

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DASH7 + Haystack + IoT Webinar Video + PDF Available

Really excited about the turnout for yesterday’s inaugural Haystack webinar where JP Norair covered a range of topics from product plans, new hardware, and where we fit into the Internet of Things (smack dab in the middle!) and a good Q&A session that covered competitive technologies, DASH7 features, IPv6, Bluetooth, and much more  The webinar video is 63 minutes

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DASH7 + Haystack Intro Webinar

Haystack is hosting a free webinar on October 4th, 2012 at 8:00 am Pacific to provide an introduction to The Haystack, including HDO and H-Builder, along with a basic presentation on how Haystack’s products and plans relate to DASH7 and OpenTag So if you are curious about DASH7 and haven’t had a chance to review our resources area,

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Haystack & Open Source

In creating Haystack, we wanted to preserve the “openness” of DASH7 — open standard, unlicensed frequency, and full (monolithic) open source stack — as these are real differentiators in the marketplace vis-a-vis proprietary technologies, semi-open standards, standards using licensed spectrum, and of course “incomplete” stacks (eg just a PHY and MAC)  DASH7, in combination with OpenTag, stands apart from the

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Proprietary RF is History

If you go to semiconductor company websites (here is TI’s), often you can go to a “wireless” section, and they put a list of all the different chips they make for different types of wireless interfaces  The list contains a bunch of very specific options, and then there is always a section for “Proprietary RF”

All this really means is

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