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Free Advice: Pick A LPWAN That Will Survive

Here’s a new analyst firm with an intriguing report on LPWAN’s I scanned the abstract but three things caught my eye:
There can be only one LPWAN winner in the unlicensed spectrum If wireless history is a guide, there will most likely be a single “big” winner for low power, wide area narrowband connectivity Same as it was for local

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Here Are My Quick Reactions To The Verizon IoT Announcement

Here is the announcement
No multi-year battery life Usually when an LPWAN technology launches or tries to make waves, it emphasizes the “LP” (low power) part of the acronym Verizon wisely and tellingly characterizes CAT M1’s battery store like this:

“Verizon maintains a strong leadership position in IoT technology and solutions with a history of firsts, including the first deployment

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How To Save Cellular IoT From Itself

Wireless carriers like to hype new data capabilities If you know technologies like WiMax or CDPD, you know how the cellular industry can overpromise And if you are working in the IoT, you are probably hearing industry propaganda about their upcoming “low power wide area networking” (LPWAN) IoT technologies LTE Cat M1 (especially in the USA) and LTE NB-IoT (Europe and elsewhere)

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The Myth of NB-IoT

I ran across an analyst piece on the future of LPWAN’s and it does a better-than-average job of providing some realism about the future of the cellular industry’s best hope at penetrating the LPWAN space: NB-IoT

LTE is a notoriously expensive and battery-unfriendly technology that may be OK for certain “M2M” IoT applications where mains power is available, but for

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LoRaWAN vs. Haystack

Semtech’s LoRa technology is the most exciting radio technology in the IoT right now The cellular industry is making bold promises about LTE-for-the-IoT that almost certainly will fail to live up to their promises, but widespread availability of the allegedly “low cost” LTE chips with “multi-year battery life” for IoT is years away so for the moment, LoRa gets to soak up the

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How To Disrupt The Internet of Things With Unified Networking


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