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One IoT Technology Responds To A Geolocation Dilemma

In a book I’ve read aloud at least 500 times called the Pig’s Picnic, a pig (Mr Pig) wants to look his best when he asks Miss Pig to join him for a picnic So after obsessing about which bow tie to wear, he takes advice from his friends Lion, Fox, and Zebra and borrows something special from each

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A Bluetooth Tracker Pretends To Do LPWAN Geolocation And … Tragedy

There’s one LPWAN technology, LoRaWAN, that pretends to offer real-time geolocation when for all practical purposes it does not Still, a few of its backers promote this capability — which is at best characterized as a hack — and hope customers don’t get wise until after the implementation Other bloggers are catching on as well:

But even worse is a

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Now THIS is the way to make GPS Way Better for the IoT

The IoT doesn’t appear on award-winning TV that often, but if you liked the TV series “Breaking Bad”, you might also be watching its prequel, “Better Call Saul” Without giving away the plot, this season a small, long-range GPS tracking device is prominently featured in multiple episodes and, well, the battery doesn’t last very long
You can watch for yourself

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This IoT Technology Pretends To Be Something It’s Not

I’ve written before about Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN’s) and the pros and cons of cellular-based LPWAN’s as well as the same for those non-cellular technologies operating in unlicensed radio spectrum
One technology we at Haystack like is Semtech’s LoRa LPWAN radio Long range, low power, and reasonable-ish pricing Some freeware they helped create called LoRaWAN, however, is not

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Why Pokemon Go Will Make You Rethink the Internet of Things

Pokemon Go already looks like a pretty major technology shift Commercially, it’s one of the most successful mobile games of all time, people are literally crashing into each other while playing, and the controversial headlines practically write themselves
But the technology industry impact of Pokemon Go goes beyond just gameplay At its core, Pokemon does a good job of integrating real-world paradigms like smartphone

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The Indoor-Outdoor IoT

Thoughts on an IoT blind spot
Two IoT Arenas

Companies competing to sell you their wireless IoT connectivity technology can be thought of as competing in one of two separate “arenas”: an indoor arena or an outdoor arena
The indoor arena is typically dominated by low power, local area networking (LPLAN) technologies focusing on home automation ZigBee, Z-Wave, and Control4 are well known examples Use

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Smarter Smartphones With DASH7

One of the more exciting areas of focus or Haystack is the integration of DASH7 with smartphones  It is abundantly clear that the command and control center for the Internet of Things is not some WOPR room in a hardened bunker at SkyNet, but rather smartphones with impressive computing firepower but also lots of potential room for newer and

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