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One IoT Technology Responds To A Geolocation Dilemma

In a book I’ve read aloud at least 500 times called the Pig’s Picnic, a pig (Mr Pig) wants to look his best when he asks Miss Pig to join him for a picnic So after obsessing about which bow tie to wear, he takes advice from his friends Lion, Fox, and Zebra and borrows something special from each

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This IoT Technology Pretends To Be Something It’s Not

I’ve written before about Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN’s) and the pros and cons of cellular-based LPWAN’s as well as the same for those non-cellular technologies operating in unlicensed radio spectrum
One technology we at Haystack like is Semtech’s LoRa LPWAN radio Long range, low power, and reasonable-ish pricing Some freeware they helped create called LoRaWAN, however, is not

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