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A Bluetooth Tracker Pretends To Do LPWAN Geolocation And … Tragedy

There’s one LPWAN technology, LoRaWAN, that pretends to offer real-time geolocation when for all practical purposes it does not Still, a few of its backers promote this capability — which is at best characterized as a hack — and hope customers don’t get wise until after the implementation Other bloggers are catching on as well:

But even worse is a

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5 Reasons You Should Care About Synchronizing the IoT

The clocks on your IoT devices are way more important than you think

Unless you are a networking nerd, synchronization is probably more familiar as a term used with wristwatches or iTunes than as an IoT term, but the future of the IoT may actually depend on this topic

Synchronization — the way an IoT device adjusts its internal clock in

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How To Disrupt The Internet of Things With Unified Networking


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DASH7 + Haystack + IoT Webinar Video + PDF Available

Really excited about the turnout for yesterday’s inaugural Haystack webinar where JP Norair covered a range of topics from product plans, new hardware, and where we fit into the Internet of Things (smack dab in the middle!) and a good Q&A session that covered competitive technologies, DASH7 features, IPv6, Bluetooth, and much more  The webinar video is 63 minutes

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DASH7 vs. Bluetooth

JP Norair and I have the opportunity to meet lots of people interested in DASH7 and recently we were introduced to someone who tried, unsuccessfully, to deconstruct the facts around DASH7 and then argue that Bluetooth (the cable replacement technology some of us use for “hands free” mode in our cars or for some wireless headsets, mostly) could do

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Smarter Smartphones With DASH7

One of the more exciting areas of focus or Haystack is the integration of DASH7 with smartphones  It is abundantly clear that the command and control center for the Internet of Things is not some WOPR room in a hardened bunker at SkyNet, but rather smartphones with impressive computing firepower but also lots of potential room for newer and

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