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An Internet of Moving Things

The next phase of the IoT is stuck unless we replace crummy outdated technology
How The IoT Was Blindsided
Once upon a time, some people in the Defense Department created the internet Then when that turned out pretty well, some other people decided to try to create a wireless version of the internet and invented technologies like WiFi Still others invented more

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A Simple Proposal on Security

Something we occasionally talk about regarding Haystack and DASH7 is the strength of our security and privacy story, which at its foundation includes something called “listen-before-talk”, meaning endpoints using our technology remain quiet until they are interrogated by an authorized user or until an event occurs that sparks a message to the network Sounds like a “duh” feature that

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Haystack and the Real-Time Internet of Things

We received quite a lot of positive feedback from our presentation on Low Power Wide Area Networks and today published a follow-up piece that explores our technology in greater detail from the perspective of real-time networking Very briefly, many wireless IoT technologies are limited to some form of “beaconing” and are otherwise not very good at supporting queries in real-time This creates

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