San Francisco Sweep

The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series in an amazing four game sweep against the Detroit Tigers, who had just executed a similar sweep of the NY Yankees prior to meeting the Giants.  The Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval took the MVP award – knocking three home runs in a single game put him into some very exclusive company in World Series history – but this was a story about chemistry within a team with many contributors and perhaps no single superstars as the Giants sported, say, during the Barry Bonds era.  In fact, this was a bizarre set of playoffs and series games.  Barry Zito finally showed up, and Tim Lincecum shined as a reliever, not as a starter.  Melky Cabrera and Brian Wilson were out for the season, but Gregor Blanco and Sergio Romo stepped up instead with great results.  Buster Posey had a great season but had a so-so series.  The list of weird things about this team just goes on and on, but with a 4-0 sweep, it makes no difference.

The Detroit Tigers failed to impress starting with their superstar starter Justin Verlander, with a sub-zero ERA that just devastated the Oakland A’s and the Yankees in the playoffs, and offensive guns like Cabrera and Fielder just not performing to expectations.  The Tigers that played the Yankees did not show up for the World Series … perhaps they had too much time off due to the quick win against NY vs. the Giants going the stretch vs. St Louis.

This was also a weird world series for me since I was born and raised in and around Detroit and I’m a lifelong Tigers fan.  I moved to the SF Bay Area 19 years ago and, among other things, “inherited” Giants season tickets and married into a family of hardcore Giants fans, so adopted the Giants as my “national league” team, knowing full-well that one day, these two teams might meet.  So in this series I maintain that I was conflicted, not neutral, rooting for both teams and performing 25 pushups for every run scored by either team.  I can tell you that 275 pushups during Game 1 was not something I had been training for.

Regardless, this was some terrific fall baseball and while this has absolutely nothing to do with Haystack, just wanted to share this!



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