Haystack’s team has been designing and deploying battery-powered, data-driven IoT wireless solutions for over a decade. Our capabilities cover the entire IoT stack: industry-leading hardware design, ultra-low-power firmware development, IT system integration, and cloud application development. We utilize the powerful DASH7 protocol and specialize in long-range wireless IoT, including LPWANs, and wireless location & localization applications.

Haystack DASH7 Platform

OEM & ODM IoT Hardware

Custom Design Services

Technology Licensing

Haystack DASH7 Platform

Haystack delivers the essential tools your company needs to build long range, low power wireless-enabled products using DASH7. By combining Haystack’s DASH7 firmware stack, HDO, with the powerful developer tools contained in H-Builder, and robust Haystack support, partners get access to the most capable low-power wireless IoT solution available today.

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Curated Open Source

Open source software projects enable rapid innovation, but also create challenges for long-term support as individual components and API’s evolve.  To address this gap, we include access to long-term maintained, stabilized, and comprehensively tested and hardened releases of the Haystack platform, including OpenTag, Haystack server-side Applications, reference designs, and future components in development.  These supported commercial releases, available exclusively to Haystack customers, include certified binaries as well as source code.

With The Haystack, your company can build against defined, commercially maintained releases of OpenTag with the assurance of long-term binary compatibility and supportability, and without sacrificing the flexibility of open source.  That means your development team can build once and hand off to operations, without the need to constantly update your application to track the latest changes in open source community projects.

Benefits of the Haystack Platform
  • Ready Now: The most feature complete and mature development framework available for DASH7 today.
  • Simplicity: Haystack simplifies the job of adding DASH7 to your product.   We are building Haystack with “non-RF” developers in mind.
  • Confidence: Haystack was created by the architects of DASH7 and OpenTag.  Combined with Haystack Support, your company can proceed with its DASH7 project knowing they are working with the DASH7 experts.
  • Dedication: We not only live and breath DASH7 every day, we offer technical support for The Haystack and are committed to helping your company get DASH7 right.
  • Inexpensive: Haystack is very economical but also helps to ensure that your company’s DASH7 products will be interoperable with other DASH7 products, reducing certification and interoperability expenses.
  • Open: Haystack implements DASH7, a non-proprietary, open standard (ISO standardization in process).  Haystack incorporates certified releases of OpenTag, the only complete open source firmware stack for wireless sensor networks available today.
  • Intellectual Property: Haystack subscribers receive licensing rights to the entire Haystack pending patent portfolio at no additional cost.

OEM & ODM IoT Hardware

In the world of low-power IoT, there is no such thing as “plug and play hardware.” Feature requirements are always expansive, cost limitations always stringent, and performance metrics always a challenge to meet. Haystack meets these unique challenges with its portfolio of meticulously engineered wireless OEM and ODM platforms for IoT. We are able to add or subtract features quickly, such as sensors, alternate powering options, alternate connectivity options, etc, and deliver a product solution to meet diverse requirements.


Haystack HayTag ODM

Haystack’s ODM HayTag is an environmentally-sealed, self-charging wireless sensor IoT endpoint. It contains the HayTag OEM circuit board internally.

Bounding dimensions: 48mm x 38mm x 8mm.
Weight/Mass: 9g
Nom. Wireless Range: 1km (depends on configuration)
Protocol Support: DASH7, NDEF, UDP/IPv6, and custom protocols
Base Sensors: Ambient Light, Temperature (others may be added)



Haystack HayTag Base OEM

MCU: STMicro STM32L (Cortex M3)
Power System: 20mW max solar panel, Li-Poly rechargeable battery
Wireless I/O: DASH7 & 802.15.4g @ 433, 866, or 915 MHz
Pin I/O: 16 pin mezzanine header with Analog & Digital I/O
Base Sensors: Ambient Light, Temperature (others may be added)
Dimensions: 35mm diameter x 5mm height
Datasheet: PDF



Haystack USB & iOS Mini-Gateway Base OEM

MCU: STMicro STM32L (Cortex M3)
Power System: 3.3V DC
Wireless I/O: DASH7 & 802.15.4g @ 433, 866, or 915 MHz
Wired I/O: USB or Apple iOS connector (iOS pictured)
Pin I/O: 10 pin mezzanine header with Analog & Digital I/O
Dimensions: 50mm x 15mm mainboard, plus iOS or USB connector
Datasheet: PDF

Custom Design Services

Most low-power wireless IoT projects fail. It is easy to underestimate the complexity of low-power wireless projects, as they require optimization at all stages of the design process: analog design, digital design, firmware design, and even optimization of API protocols and software applications on the gateway. On top of this, the product cost usually needs to be low. Low-power IoT is the hardest problem in all IT today, but Haystack has years of experience succeeding where others have failed. Haystack can help you get your product to market before it is too late.


Haystack’s founding team has played leadership roles in the DASH7 movement since its inception. We have collaborated across silicon platforms, device types, applications, and vertical markets as it relates to DASH7, wireless sensor networks, RFID, and the IoT in general. Haystack provides guidance and hands-on expertise to address unique developer challenges.

Proof of Concept

An initial proof-of-concept (PoC) requires proper scope, system design, and knowledge of the the low-power IoT ecosystem. Haystack’s Proof of Concept offering includes end-to-end execution of a PoC: hardware, firmware, and application software design and engineering.

A Haystack Solution Architect will establish benchmarks and fine-tune your IoT product or service to prove the prototype functionality and overall feasibility of your project. Haystack delivers complete documentation of the process and results.

Pilot Project

Haystack’s expert guidance can help you deploy an IoT pilot project. Starting with your concept or prototype, Haystack provides a fully-documented plan and complete execution of your pilot. Project components may include device design and development, firmware and application development, testing, field engineering, program management, and more. Haystack will deliver full documentation of the process in order to assist in the rollout of production devices and systems.
Hardware Design Capabilities
  • Analog Design: Haystack has demonstrated that incredible performance can be achieved with low cost components, where others run into noise and matching problems that plague performance. Our secret is excellence in analog design optimization. Every PCB trace matters. Enclosure design matters. If you expect to simply plop a semiconductor company’s reference design onto a PCB and get optimal performance, you are headed for disappointment.
  • Antenna Design: Antenna design is even more esoteric than analog design. Haystack has special expertise designing compact antennas for sub-1GHz frequencies. Even if you decide to use a module, you will need to pay attention to the antenna and enclosure design.
  • Digital Design: Modern PCB design tools make digital design far more accessible to the masses, but inexperienced designers often make mistakes in the digital domain that lead to noise problems and antenna problems in the analog domain. Haystack’s digital design excellence allows us to spin quickturn prototypes that are ultra-compact yet will not need surprise re-designs after regulatory inspections (e.g. FCC, CE, UL) reveal problems.
  • Design for Manufacturing: Haystack knows how to design a product that can be manufactured and assembled efficiently.
Firmware Design Capabilities
  • Low-Power Design: Building a low-power embedded device that can run on a battery for many years requires selecting the right components, utilizing a communication system designed for low-power (e.g. DASH7), and also designing firmware that is highly optimized for efficiency. Haystack IoT systems tend to operate in the 20-100µW range, depending on application, mostly thanks to low-power firmware optimization.
  • Security & Cryptography: Haystack has experience in building its own implementations of AES as well as public-key security systems, tailored to meet the special needs of low-power IoT.
  • Error Correction Algorithms: The long range performance of Haystack DASH7 products has much to do with our implementation of advanced error correction algorithms that our competitors have not been able to achieve. Haystack can craft an optimal coding scheme for your wireless IoT application.
  • MCU Support: We are generally vendor agnostic, however we use ST and TI ARM Cortex-M parts in our own designs as we find these have the best mix of performance, cost, and availability.
Software Design Capabilities
  • Mobile Development: Haystack has implemented IoT gateway and application software for iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to leverage these widely available low cost devices in their IoT solutions.
  • Tools & APIs: Tools and APIs are available for any POSIX-compliant system, needed to bridge the IoT endpoints with the client application software.
  • Cloud Development: Haystack product solutions often interface with cloud applications and databases. Our design experience includes the cloud layer, often used in concert with mobile apps.

Technology Licensing

Haystack actively licenses its hardware, firmware, software, and intellectual property products to partners. Licensing is generally available in one of several packages that include rights to all of our technology products and patents. In some cases, we also license individual components.
Haystack Platform Licensing

Partners who license the entire Haystack Platform gain rights to use all Haystack technology and intellectual property, as well as support and design integration services. The license is available as an annual pre-paid royalty that decreases in price as number of units increases. Please contact Haystack for more information about platform licensing.

Haystack Component Licensing

Component licensing is available for some Haystack products, including support and design integration services. Currently, several components listed below are available for license. Please contact Haystack for more information about component licensing.

  • HW Design Licensing: Our OEM & ODM programs, described above, may be licensed on a per-unit basis.
  • Adaptive Reed Solomon Error Correction: Haystack has designed a proprietary, high performance embedded Reed Solomon algorithm for error correction of wireless packet data. It is modeled after the algorithm used by NASA’s Voyager space probe and capable of up to 1Mbps decoder throughput on ARM Cortex M3 (16 MHz). Our firmware/software is available as binary object code for ARM Cortex-M and POSIX platforms, and it may be licensed on a one-time, unlimited basis.


Haystack Technologies, Inc.
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