Simply put, DASH7 can transform the way you think about consumer and embedded electronics products. While analysts forecast that billions of new “connected things” will appear in the next decade, until DASH7 there was no practical way of connecting them without settling for short range, poor battery life, and high costs.

Use Cases

Real-Time Social Media

  • Automatic/Background Check-ins (check-in automatically and reliably without GPS)
  • Be alerted immediately when your date walks in the front door of a restaurant where you are waiting (GPS can’t do this)
  • Meet someone unconnected to you at a trade show or conference, in real-time, where you share friends or things in common (Highlight or Banjo on steroids)
  • Discover the song someone is listening to on their MP3 player nearby, before it is too late to say hi.
  • Peer-to-Peer text messaging via DASH7

Mobile Advertising & Commerce

  • Indoor Advertising, Offers with location precision to 1 meter
  • “Virtual Speedbumps”
  • Offline Cookies
  • Platinum Customer Alerting
  • Digital Signage


  • In-store coupons/offers to within 1 meter of customer’s location
  • Dynamic shelf-label updating
  • Smart shopping carts
  • Loyalty Programs
  • In-transit temperature monitoring of produce temperature


  • Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
  • Exhaust Monitoring and other In-Vehicle Monitoring Communications
  • Toll Collection
  • Car-to-infrastructure Communications
  • Car-to-Car Messaging

Smart Cities

  • Smart Meter Reading & Control
  • LED Lighting Monitoring & Control
  • Building Access Control & Security
  • Smart Elevators
  • People Flow
  • Highway, Bridge & Tunnel Infrastructure Monitoring

Health & Life Sciences

  • Hospital asset management
  • In-home patient monitoring
  • Infant, Alzheimer’s patient tracking
  • Anti-diversion, counterfeiting
  • In-transit temperature monitoring of vaccines, biologics


  • Yard & Warehouse Management
  • Smart Passports & Permits
  • Emergency Evacuation Applications

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