Professional Services & Training

Haystack’s founding team has played leadership roles in the DASH7 movement since its inception.  We have collaborated across silicon platforms, device types, applications, and vertical markets as it relates to DASH7, wireless sensor networks, and RFID.  Haystack provides guidance and hands-on expertise to address unique developer challenges, including;

Proof of Concept

An initial DASH7 proof-of-concept (PoC) requires proper scope, system design, and knowledge of the DASH7 ecosystem.  Haystack’s Proof of Concept offering includes end-to-end execution of a DASH7 PoC: hardware, firmware, and application software design and engineering.

A Haystack Solution Architect will establish benchmarks and fine-tune your DASH7 product or service to prove the prototype functionality and overall feasibility of your project. Haystack delivers complete documentation of the process and results.

Pilot Project

Haystack’s expert guidance can help you deploy a pilot project using DASH7.  Starting with your concept or prototype, Haystack provides a fully-documented plan and complete execution of your DASH7 pilot.  Project components may include device design and development, firmware and application development, testing, field engineering, program management, and more.  Haystack will deliver full documentation of the process in order to assist in the rollout of production devices and systems.


We are launching Haystack public and private classroom training for DASH7 and The Haystack 1.0.  For the latest course offerings, click here.

For more information on Haystack Professional Services, please email us.


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