The Haystack includes a growing set of API’s, tools, applications, and more to make your DASH7 development experience easier, faster, and more cost effective.  We call it H-Builder, and it is a collection of DASH7 development assets you will not find anywhere else, and it’s available exclusively to Haystack subscribers.

H-Builder consists of three high level asset categories:

  1. Haystack Server Tools.   This is a library of interchangeable server-side applets, for easy creation of custom server applications, as well as a collection of server interface packages.
  2. Haystack Client API.  This is a low-level API for client-server messaging as well as a client “kit” for rapid application deployment.
  3. Haystack Client Tools.  These include desktop developer tool applications as well as mobile sample applications, beginning with the Apple iOS platform.




Haystack Technologies, Inc.
210 S Ellsworth Ave
San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 762-9079


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