The Haystack delivers the essential tools your company needs to build long range, low power wireless-enabled products using DASH7. By combining HDO (Haystack’s open source and developer-ready DASH7 stack), with the powerful developer tools contained in H-Builder, and robust Haystack support, companies get access to the most complete and reliable internet of things development platform in the marketplace today.

Open source software projects enable rapid innovation, but also create challenges for long-term support as individual components and API’s evolve.  To address this gap, we include access to long-term maintained, stabilized, and comprehensively tested and hardened releases of The Haystack, including OpenTag, Haystack Server-side Applications, reference designs, and future components in development for The Haystack.  These supported commercial releases, available exclusively to Haystack customers, include certified binaries as well as source code.

With The Haystack, your company can build against defined, commercially maintained releases of OpenTag with the assurance of long-term binary compatibility and supportability, and without sacrificing the flexibility of open source.  That means your development team can build once and hand off to operations, without the need to constantly update your application to track the latest changes in open source community projects.

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Benefits Of The Haystack

  • Ready Now.  The most feature complete and mature development framework available for DASH7 today
  • Simplicity.  Haystack simplifies the job of adding DASH7 to your product.   We are building Haystack with “non-RF” developers in mind.
  • Confidence.  The Haystack was created by the architects of DASH7 and OpenTag.  Combined with Haystack Support, your company can proceed with its DASH7 project knowing they are working with the DASH7 experts.
  • Dedication.  We not only live and breath DASH7 every day, we offer technical support for The Haystack and are committed to helping your company get DASH7 right.
  • Inexpensive.  The Haystack is very economical but also helps to ensure that your company’s DASH7 products will be interoperable with other DASH7 products, reducing certification and interoperability expenses.
  • Open.  The Haystack implements DASH7, a non-proprietary, open standard (ISO standardization in process).  The Haystack incorporates certified releases of OpenTag, the only complete open source firmware stack for wireless sensor networks available today.
  • Intellectual Property.   Haystack subscribers receive licensing rights to the entire Haystack pending patent portfolio at no additional cost.

A simple subscription with everything you need

The Haystack combines four different components into a simple subscription. It’s the easiest way to design, build, and deploy DASH7 products and solutions.
  • HDO.  Haystack Distribution for OpenTag.  Our 100% open source OpenTag distribution, built specifically to meet the needs of DASH7 Mode 2 developers.
  • Haystack H-Builder.  Our rapidly expanding collection of server side applications, API’s, sample code, reference designs, and other assets that make the DASH7 design and development process faster, cheaper, and better.
  • Haystack Support.  Haystack offers the industry’s highest quality technical support for DASH7 and OpenTag.  We have a dedicated team of support engineers with deep experience in DASH7 and OpenTag.  No one knows DASH7 or the OpenTag stack better or has more experience helping DASH7 developers.  With Haystack Support behind you, you’ll experience faster time to market, lower development costs, faster issue resolution, and better execution of your DASH7 project or product development process.
  • Haystack Intellectual Property.  Haystack’s complete portfolio of pending patent applications are included in your Haystack subscription.


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