Comparing Average Battery Life of DASH7, WiFi, and Bluetooth

Short battery life requires costly recharging or battery replacements, rendering most wireless technologies unusable for “Internet of Things” applications


DASH7 draws a very small amount of power from a battery – less than 1 milliwatt – and can even operate using a solar cell and other clean, energy harvesting technologies. DASH7 has the longest battery life of any wireless data standard in the world.


Mobile WiFi devices like a smartphone are typically unable to provide battery life of more than a few days, often much less.


The Bluetooth radio and devices like smartphones draws a substantial amount of power, and even the larger battery on a phone will be drained by Bluetooth in no more than 1-2 weeks. A new form of Bluetooth called Bluetooth Smart enables multi-year-battery life for some medical and sports devices (not phones) when operating in “one way” mode, though use of this version is still in its infancy.


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