Internet of Things

Haystack 2FA

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication for the IoT

Today we published what is probably one of our most important presentations The topic is IoT security and we break some important new ground while offering something that almost

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Unified Networking

How To Disrupt The Internet of Things With Unified Networking


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An Internet of Moving Things

The next phase of the IoT is stuck unless we replace crummy outdated technology
How The IoT Was Blindsided
Once upon a time, some people in the Defense Department created the internet

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The Myth of NB-IoT

I ran across an analyst piece on the future of LPWAN’s and it does a better-than-average job of providing some realism about the future of the cellular industry’s best

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Pokemon, AR, and Haystack

Why Pokemon Go Will Make You Rethink the Internet of Things

Pokemon Go already looks like a pretty major technology shift Commercially, it’s one of the most successful mobile games of all time, people are literally crashing into each other while playing,

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A Simple Proposal on Security

Something we occasionally talk about regarding Haystack and DASH7 is the strength of our security and privacy story, which at its foundation includes something called “listen-before-talk”, meaning endpoints using

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LoRaWAN vs Haystack

LoRaWAN vs. Haystack

Semtech’s LoRa technology is the most exciting radio technology in the IoT right now The cellular industry is making bold promises about LTE-for-the-IoT that almost certainly will fail to live up to their

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Why The Internet of Things and the Cloud Should Break Up


Some innovations are so good they make it too easy Parabolic skis and AutoTune, to name just two For the Internet of Things, it’s the cloud that is making things way too easy
For IoT

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Haystack and the Real-Time Internet of Things

We received quite a lot of positive feedback from our presentation on Low Power Wide Area Networks and today published a follow-up piece that explores our technology in greater detail

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