Haystack Training Update

Hi everyone and sorry for the light blog posts.  JP and I are busy on a project and it’s one of those short deadlines + tons to do efforts, all exciting but blogging unfortunately takes a back seat to everything else.  One event that we are rescheduling as a result of this is our Haystack Training taking place in San Francisco — originally scheduled for November 6-7 — has been rescheduled to December 4-5, 2012.  Here is the updated registration link along with a 30 day extension on the “early bird” rates.

Apologies are going out directly to those who have already registered and hopefully we can make this up to them over a few good Belgian beers at a TBD locale.  For those that were still undecided, well, hope to see you in December.  JP has great news on OpenTag (JP how about a blog post on this?) that will be incorporated into training, there is hardware news to share as well, and by this time in December the news of the project we’re crashing on should be quite public.

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