Welcome To The Haystack Beta

Welcome.  We’re taking the wraps off the project JP Norair and I have been pursuing for more than a year, formerly called Blackbird Technology, and now re-named Haystack, or legally, Haystack Technologies, Inc.  Haystack is still in beta, but we hope you’ll take a look at the effort and sign up.  It’s the most comprehensive and complete DASH7 development framework available anywhere today, complemented by our continued commitment to OpenTag and of course, DASH7 Mode 2.

We are in beta and beta customers are eligible for some aggressively discounted pricing on our subscriptions — deadline is November 9th, 2012.  If you are serious about DASH7 or just interested in getting started on some prototyping, our basic subscription is a tremendous value that I highly recommend.  You will also see a few announcements in the coming weeks regarding events we are either hosting or attending, training, a webinar, and more — opportunities to meet the Haystack team in person and ask more questions or just talk about DASH7.

More later …

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