DASH7 Mode 2


Is The IoT Just Too Expensive?

In a study sponsored by ARM and IBM that should come as a frigid splash of arctic seawater on the IoT hype curve, the price of IoT infrastructure, more than security

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LoRaWAN vs Haystack

LoRaWAN vs. Haystack

Semtech’s LoRa technology is the most exciting radio technology in the IoT right now The cellular industry is making bold promises about LTE-for-the-IoT that almost certainly will fail to live up to their

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Haytag Technology Preview

I’m getting many questions about what kind of technologies we’re using in haytag  In order to stuff so much functionality into such a small enclosure, we need to be

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The DASH7 Specification

Is available on an open source basis, free of charge by clicking here Check out our resources section for presentations and FAQ’s that describe the specification if you

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Haystack 2FA

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication for the IoT

Today we published what is probably one of our most important presentations The topic is IoT security and we break some important new ground while offering something that almost

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Why The Internet of Things and the Cloud Should Break Up


Some innovations are so good they make it too easy Parabolic skis and AutoTune, to name just two For the Internet of Things, it’s the cloud that is making things way too easy
For IoT

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OpenTag 0.4 Sneak Peek

OpenTag 04 will be the last 0x version before 10  It is also a big improvement over all past versions, because it is the first version with a real

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The Myth of NB-IoT

I ran across an analyst piece on the future of LPWAN’s and it does a better-than-average job of providing some realism about the future of the cellular industry’s best

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Haystack & LPWAN Presentation

We created a new presentation that dives into the opportunity with Haystack and Low Power Wide Area Networks like LoRa About 70% geared towards business audiences, there is a

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What “Curated Openness” Means

The last blog entry was a link to a GigaOM article about a speech made by Sebastian Marineau-Mes from RIM (link to article)  The topic is how the Internet

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