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How To Solve The Cellular IoT Prisoner’s Dilemma

It seems like we are finally getting clarity on features and pricing not just for high-powered cellular IoT like LTE CAT M1, but also the long-awaited NB-IoT as well

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How To Save Cellular IoT From Itself

Wireless carriers like to hype new data capabilities If you know technologies like WiMax or CDPD, you know how the cellular industry can overpromise And if you are working in the IoT,

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LoRaWAN vs Haystack

LoRaWAN vs. Haystack

Semtech’s LoRa technology is the most exciting radio technology in the IoT right now The cellular industry is making bold promises about LTE-for-the-IoT that almost certainly will fail to live up to their

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Why The Internet of Things and the Cloud Should Break Up


Some innovations are so good they make it too easy Parabolic skis and AutoTune, to name just two For the Internet of Things, it’s the cloud that is making things way too easy
For IoT

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Haytag Technology Preview

I’m getting many questions about what kind of technologies we’re using in haytag  In order to stuff so much functionality into such a small enclosure, we need to be

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DASH7 + Haystack + IoT Webinar Video + PDF Available

Really excited about the turnout for yesterday’s inaugural Haystack webinar where JP Norair covered a range of topics from product plans, new hardware, and where we fit into the

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Smarter Smartphones With DASH7

One of the more exciting areas of focus or Haystack is the integration of DASH7 with smartphones  It is abundantly clear that the command and control center for the

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Proprietary RF is History

If you go to semiconductor company websites (here is TI’s), often you can go to a “wireless” section, and they put a list of all the different chips they

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Now THIS is the way to make GPS Way Better for the IoT

The IoT doesn’t appear on award-winning TV that often, but if you liked the TV series “Breaking Bad”, you might also be watching its prequel, “Better Call Saul” Without

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5 Reasons You Should Care About Synchronizing the IoT

The clocks on your IoT devices are way more important than you think

Unless you are a networking nerd, synchronization is probably more familiar as a term used with wristwatches

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Unified Networking

How To Disrupt The Internet of Things With Unified Networking


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A Simple Proposal on Security

Something we occasionally talk about regarding Haystack and DASH7 is the strength of our security and privacy story, which at its foundation includes something called “listen-before-talk”, meaning endpoints using

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San Francisco Sweep

The San Francisco Giants won the 2012 World Series in an amazing four game sweep against the Detroit Tigers, who had just executed a similar sweep of the NY

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DASH7 vs. Bluetooth

JP Norair and I have the opportunity to meet lots of people interested in DASH7 and recently we were introduced to someone who tried, unsuccessfully, to deconstruct the facts

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Could NFC Kill Bluetooth in Phones?

Yesterday I needed to find a USB Stick to move about 150KB of files to the print shop  It took several minutes  During those several minutes, I cursed wildly

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Welcome To The Haystack Beta

Welcome  We’re taking the wraps off the project JP Norair and I have been pursuing for more than a year, formerly called Blackbird Technology, and now re-named Haystack, or

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Here Are My Quick Reactions To The Verizon IoT Announcement

Here is the announcement
No multi-year battery life Usually when an LPWAN technology launches or tries to make waves, it emphasizes the “LP” (low power) part of the acronym

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Haystack 2FA

Introducing Two-Factor Authentication for the IoT

Today we published what is probably one of our most important presentations The topic is IoT security and we break some important new ground while offering something that almost

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Pokemon, AR, and Haystack

Why Pokemon Go Will Make You Rethink the Internet of Things

Pokemon Go already looks like a pretty major technology shift Commercially, it’s one of the most successful mobile games of all time, people are literally crashing into each other while playing,

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Haystack and the Real-Time Internet of Things

We received quite a lot of positive feedback from our presentation on Low Power Wide Area Networks and today published a follow-up piece that explores our technology in greater detail

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OpenTag 0.4 Sneak Peek

OpenTag 04 will be the last 0x version before 10  It is also a big improvement over all past versions, because it is the first version with a real

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DASH7 Education On A Budget

Really excited about the response to our webinar next week —– taking place on Thursday morning October 4th west coast time or mid-afternoon if you are in Europe and

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Haystack’s Product Roadmap

We received some questions regarding more detail on the Haystack product roadmap, so I created a brief overview presentation to satisfy some of the curiosity, but we are also

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MSP430 USB Library

You may know there are some MSP430F5 devices that have a USB device peripheral built-in to the MCU  This is kind of great, because the cost of an MSP430F55xxdevice and

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This IoT Technology Pretends To Be Something It’s Not

I’ve written before about Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN’s) and the pros and cons of cellular-based LPWAN’s as well as the same for those non-cellular technologies operating in

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The Myth of NB-IoT

I ran across an analyst piece on the future of LPWAN’s and it does a better-than-average job of providing some realism about the future of the cellular industry’s best

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Indoor Outdoor Cow

The Indoor-Outdoor IoT

Thoughts on an IoT blind spot
Two IoT Arenas

Companies competing to sell you their wireless IoT connectivity technology can be thought of as competing in one of two separate

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Haystack & LPWAN Presentation

We created a new presentation that dives into the opportunity with Haystack and Low Power Wide Area Networks like LoRa About 70% geared towards business audiences, there is a

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Haystack Training Update

Hi everyone and sorry for the light blog posts  JP and I are busy on a project and it’s one of those short deadlines tons to do efforts,

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What “Curated Openness” Means

The last blog entry was a link to a GigaOM article about a speech made by Sebastian Marineau-Mes from RIM (link to article)  The topic is how the Internet

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Haystack & Open Source

In creating Haystack, we wanted to preserve the “openness” of DASH7 — open standard, unlicensed frequency, and full (monolithic) open source stack — as these are real differentiators in

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Using MAC extensions for OpenTag and DASH7

Recently, I have been asked about the potential for DASH7 (and OpenTag) to accept extensions in the MAC layer  These requests have come from multiple sources, who are interested

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