What is DASH7?

DASH7 is a “connectionless”, long range, low power wireless communications standard for applications like wide area asset tracking, smart city sensing applications, or locating things indoors. DASH7 runs over many wireless radio standards like LoRa, LTE, 802.15.4g, and others.

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Haystack pioneered the DASH7 IoT standard and today delivers the essential software and tools your company needs to build winning long range, low power wireless-enabled products.

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Haystack can help you create DASH7 products whether you are an advanced user or an embedded developer with more limited experience adding wireless capabilities to your products


Haystack’s DASH7 operates across multiple sub-1GHz IoT technologies including LoRa, LTE Cat M-1, LTE NB-IoT, and more. A single networking stack for all your IoT deployments.

DASH7 excels at connecting things that move, unlike most wireless data protocols which are limited to fixed or static applications.

DASH7 components are inexpensive. Single chip silicon can be purchased in volume for $2 each, while coin cell batteries, antenna, and housing can be purchased in volume for less than $1.

DASH7 across many sub-1GHz radio frequencies, providing for range of up to many miles as well as excellent indoor signal propagation.

DASH7 enables real-time queries to the true edge of the network – the endpoint. Even in dense environments with thousands of endpoints, queries are usually returned in 1-2 seconds.

With Haystack, think of endpoints as queryable database tables and not slaves pushing data to a gateway. Access endpoint data directly as you would with a modern database, not an arcane protocol. Think NoSQL for the low power IoT.

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DASH7 provides precise indoor location down to one meter precision, in combination with RSSI-based location engines, a unique capability among low power IoT protocols.

DASH7 requires a tiny trickle of power to communicate between devices, allowing for 5+ year battery life on a simple coin cell battery.

DASH7 enables “cloaking” of devices and enables them to remain “invisible” until an approved device initiates a communication, but also supports two-factor authentication and other security features that are unavailable in most low power IoT protocols.

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Haystack has been designing and deploying battery-powered, high-performance wireless IoT solutions for over a decade. Our capabilities include industry-leading hardware design, ultra-low-power firmware development, IT system integration, and cloud application development. We designed the powerful DASH7 IoT protocol and specialize in long-range wireless IoT, including LPWANs, as well as wireless location & localization applications.

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Haystack offers developers a powerful new wireless data platform built around the DASH7 open-source wireless data standard. We enhance the connectivity and file system technologies originally developed by us and through the DASH7 Alliance, allowing our customers to use DASH7 to solve problems and achieve their particular business goals.

As co-founders of the DASH7 Alliance, originators of OpenTag open source firmware for DASH7, and the driving force behind many DASH7 activities and projects around the world, we wanted to build a company whose sole focus would be to make it easier for developers to design and build DASH7 products.

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